We have won it!

So the results are officially announced.

The collaborative entry by WeCreate Studio, Julmawan Cendy and Prose Architects has won the Char Yong (Dabu) Foundation Hakka Association mixed-use development design competition organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects.

We won't lie about it. The 1+ weeks of waiting for the results since our online presentation (see previous post) had been quite nail-biting. (Just ask Adlin Fakhrudin and Dawn Ng who had to bear with Alvin Liau buzzing around in the Prose Architects office on an almost daily basis during that period!)

Neither will we pretend that we knew we would go all the way to win it back when we first sunk our teeth into the competition brief.

What we do know was that for small practices like ours, working collaboratively together with a common goal (meaning being rigorous in questioning each other, or as we like to say, to 'stress-test' the idea) and addressing the brief succinctly by leveraging on each others' strengths is the fundamental reason why we could have a chance of winning the competition. To be honest, we really felt humbled by the high quality of the other entries.

So yes, the champagne will be popped, we will give ourselves some time to revel in the feeling that our hard work has paid off.

Thereafter, we will buckle down and with laser-sharp focus, embark on the next stage of this project - to implement it collaboratively and have a built project that everyone - from the multi-disciplinary consultant team to the client - can be proud of.

We had great support during the competition from the multi-disciplinary team:
Structure - Web Structures
M&E - United Projects Consultants Pte Ltd
QS - CCL Chartered Surveyors Pte Ltd
ESD - Earth-in-Mind Pte Ltd
Landscape - Carbon InQ Pte Ltd
Interior Design - Studio Neko LLP