Blue Horizon Apartment
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A client who is appreciative of the considered use of curves.

They gave us an opportunity to sharpen our skills.
We threaded the fine line between frivolous design trends versus lasting design solutions that can be anti-trends.

The latter is like good wine that gets better with time.

The former, the less said the better.

The client also famously said three words, or to be precise, only one word three times, as the brief: “Storage, storage, storage.”

We deftly designed in extensive concealed storage throughout the living area. To reduce visual bulk, we adopted a minimal colour palette and carefully weaved this in with a varied texture of materials ranging from a handpainted textured wall to a flutted panel feature wall serving as a backdrop to the dining area.
Project Details

Year: 2023
Location: singapore   
scope: design concept, schematic, details & project management
Project Status: completed

*Photos by Khoogj