Guo-Liang Tan 'A Folding Scene' 2023
Esplanade Concourse, Singapore.
Image: copyright © 2023 The Esplanade Co Ltd

We assisted Guo-Liang on his work at The Esplanade, almost as a continuation of our technical support for him for his earlier work ‘Soft Turnings’ at OTA Fine Arts in 2021.  

This time, we helped with the spatial studies and visualisation of the artwork. We applied our experience in handling space gained from more traditionally defined ‘architectural’ work to the Esplanade concourse space. We studied how Guo-Liang’s works - as free standing objects to us - can float within this large space,  keeping a distance yet also being cognisant of the existing site context. 

It was a special project that definitely supplemented our more typical work in the office. 
Project Details

Year: 2023
Location: The esplanade co ltd, singapore
project status: completed